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For many years Brock Evans (called "a legend" by environmentalists in the Pacific Northwest) has been one of America’s most inspirational leaders in the fight to protect the nation’s environment and its wildlife from the reckless behavior of the oil, timber, mining, and energy industries. He is also renowned for his decades of strategic battles against greedy commercial developers who've sought to achieve short-term financial gain through the sacrifice of forestland, clean water and air, and the lives of countless vulnerable plants and animals.

In Fight & Win, Evans shares tactics that he and his comrades have used to pull off conservation victories on scores of occasions.

Currently Board President of the Endangered Species Coalition, Evans served as Vice President for National Issues for the National Audubon Society for 15 years. Earlier, he served for eight years as head lobbyist for the Sierra Club in Washington, DC, and for six more years as the Club’s Northwest Representative, responsible for its interests from the North Pole to California.

“I know a lot about fighting,” Evans says. “ I’m a proud U.S. Marine Corps veteran – and thanks to the decades I’ve spent fighting corporations and government bodies who are laying waste to our natural environment, poisoning our air, and driving hundreds of species into extinction every year, I’ve learned a lot about winning fights. 

“I’ve learned never to give up, and again and again my allies and I end up winning against seemingly-impossible odds. 
Fight and Win tells you, step by step, how my colleagues and I have managed to do it over and over and over again. A small group of ordinary people can prevail over the destructive plans of big money interests (and over the politicians who protect them) by using some simple but important tactics.  Some strategies you might already know about. I guarantee that other strategies my friends and I have refined over the years will surprise you."



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